Ernies Favorite Web Sites

Item Ernies Anchor Function Notes
Summit Timing Summit Timing  
Summit Timing - Races Summit Timing - Races  
Summit Timing - Live Results Summit Timing - Live Results  
Summit Gallery Summit Gallery  
Summit Timing - Net Summit Timing  
Summit Timing - Scoreboard Summit Timing - Scoreboard  
Summit Race Entry Summit Race Entry  
Ernies Home Page Ernies Home Page  
Anns Home Page Anns Home Page  
Anns Gallery Anns Gallery  
New Sheet New Sheet -  
Google Google  
Google Maps Google Maps  
Google Images Google Images  
Google Mail Google Mail  
Mail 2 Web Mail 2 Web  
Pandora Pandora  
Drudgereport Drudgereport  
Fox News Fox News  
Free Republic Free Republic  
Real Clear Politics Real Clear Politics  
Faster Skier Faster Skier  
Newsbusters Newsbusters  
Climate Audit Climate Audit  
Watts Up With That Watts Up With That  
The Conservative Treehouse The Conservative Treehouse  
ASUS Router ASUS Router Network
Synology DS712+ (aka ghost) Summit-Ghost  
Chest-Audio-20 Chest-Audio-20 Video Cameras
Chest-Near 21 Chest-Near 21 Running (bib is only in front)
Chest-Far 22 Chest-Far 22  
Toe-Near 23 Toe-Near 23 Oblique Toe if photo finish camera is on the near side
Toe-Far 24 Toe-Far 24  
Cradlepoint ( Cradlepoint MBR95  
NanoStation-201 NanoStation Near NanoStation
NanoStation-202 NanoStation Far NanoStation
USSA Comp Guide USSA Comp Guide USSA
USSA and FIS Points USSA and FIS Points  
FIS Precisions FIS Precisions  
FIS Points FIS Points  
Alta Vista Alta Vista  
DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo  
W3 Schools (html tutorials) W3 Schools (html tutorials)  
C++ ( C++ (  
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow  
Geek Stuff Geek Stuff  
Tutorials Point Tutorials Point  
1KeyData 1KeyData  
tizag tizag  
Free Proxy Server Free Proxy Server  
Proxy Machine Proxy Machine  
Free Proxy Server Free Proxy Server  
Proxy 4 Free Proxy 4 Free  
Atomic Clock Atomic Clock  
Atomic Clock-Widget Atomic Clock-Widget  
Favorite Bookmarks Summit Timing Bookmarks  
Sport Alaska Sport Alaska  
Sport Alaska - administrator Sport Alaska - administrator  

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